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Airplane Part
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    Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (730w)   Spec. Kv: 2800 rpm/v Voltage: 14.8(4s) No load Current: 2.8A Max Current: 43A Max Power: 630W Shaft Size : 4mm Shaft Length: 16mm Dimension: 34mm x 28mm Thrust: 1200g Weight: 97g ..
Rp 340,000.00
Rp 50,000.00
Specification 1.1 Output: Continuous 80A, Burst 100A up to 10 seconds. 1.2 Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo, 5-18 cells NiMH. 1.3 BEC: 5A / 5V Switch mode BEC. 1.4 Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 50Hz to 432Hz. 1.5 Max Speed: 210000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35000rpm for 12 poles BLM. (BLM = BrushLess Motor) 1.6 Size: 86mm*38mm*12mm. 1.7 Weight: 82g. ..
Rp 700,000.00
EMAX BL2820/07  Brushless Motors
The Emax BL2820 brushless outrunner motor is designed for models up to 56.4 ounces. As a result of using the latest ferromagnetic materials the EMAX 2820 motor offers extremely high efficiency and load capability for their weight. EMAX motors offer a high quality of manufacturing, reliability, and performance to be some of the best outrunners available on the market.This motor comes with a cros..
Rp 430,000.00
NTM PROP DRIVE 28-36 3000KV 755w
NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final dyno test. Because we design and build these motors completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, machining, balancing, final asse..
Rp 392,000.00
KDS N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo
KDS-N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo     SPECIFICATIONS: ● Output torque: ● Speed: 0.09sec/60(4.8V) @0.07sec/60(6.0V) ● Rating voltage: DC 4.8V-6V  ● Operating temperature: -20℃―+60℃ ● Weight: 11.2g        ● Dimension: 24x12x24mm   ..
Rp 155,000.00