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Airplane Part
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KDS Micro Servo 9g 1.98kg
SPECIFICATION Speed @ 4.8V: 0.12 sec/60° Torque @ 4.8V: 1.98kg/cm Weight: 9g Dimensions: 22.6 x 21.8 x 11.4mm ITEM INCLUDED 1 x KDS Micro Servo 9g ..
Rp 50,000.00
  Product Description Model: A2212 Match for: Airplanes Motor Runner Type: Outer runner Kv: 1200 KV Battery cells: 2-3 Lipo Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm No load current: 9.5A Shaft Length: 37mm Input Power: 90W Size: 27.7*26.3mm Weight: 50g ..
Rp 160,000.00
Turnigy 5A (8-26v) SBEC
  Turnigy 5A SBEC  is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 5A. It works with 2 - 7 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver and is interference-free.   Specs: Type: Switching Input Protection: Reverse polarity protection Output (Constant): 5v/5A or 6v/5A Input: 8v-26v (2..
Rp 150,000.00
Specs: Constant Current: 30A Burst Current: 40A Battery: 2-4S Lipoly / 5-12s NiXX BEC: 5v / 3A Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Size: 54 x 26 11mm Weight: 32g Programming Functions: Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX Brake: On / Off Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power Timing: Auto / High / Low Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft P..
Rp 195,000.00
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Carbon Fiber Landing Gear for 30cc or 50cc Planes. Available in styles for ·  Yak carbon fiber replacement gear Sbach carbon fiber replacement gear MXSR/MX2 carbon fiber replacement gear Extra carbon fiber replacement gear Edge carbon fiber replacement gear etc A - Sbach, MXSR, Slick, Edge, Extra 260 B - Yak, Sukoi Etc C - Yak also ..
Rp 550,000.00
Gemfan Glow In The Dark 5030x3 Propeller set CW/CCW
Ready for Night flight action, Gemfan has released GLOW IN THE DARK versions of their popular multirotor props.  GemFan Propellers have set the gold standard in the small class Multirotor community. Known for their durability, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price. They come packaged as a set of 2, with one CW rotation and one CCW rotation. There is a wide range..
Rp 65,000.00