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Turnigy LSD 4.8V 2300mAh Ni-MH Flat Receiver Pack
This 4 cell 4.8V 2300mAh Ni-MH receiver pack offers long life in between charges and extremely long cycle life. Perfect for any model requiring a 4.8V rechargeable receiver pack. Low-Self-Discharge Ni-MH batteries are a new technology that prevent the battery from slowly losing it's charge over time. In fact these LSD batteries can stay charged for over a year without losing more than 30% ..
Rp 150,000.00
DJI Phantom 4 Battery
The Phantom 4 - Intelligent Flight Battery is a 5350mAh, 15.2V LiPo battery that is specifically designed for the Phantom 4, enabling optimal performance. The battery also has built-in sensors and bright LEDs that let you know the status and remaining power of your battery in real time.   ..
Rp 2,760,000.00
BATTREY 1500mAh 9.9V 1C 15Wh
  The HobbyKing 1500mAh Transmitter pack fits snuggly into most Jr, Spektrum or Futaba radio that take an 8 x AA cell battery. With a capacity of 1500mAh this LiFePo4 replacement for your old NiCD or NiMH will last four to five times longer. Probably the best advantage with a LiFePo4 transmitter battery is that it will give a true voltage reading from start to finish which means y..
Rp 150.00
Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable AA Battery 2000mah NiMH 1.2V 4 Eneloop AA – 2000 mAh – rechargeable up to 1500 times ..
Rp 140,000.00
Ni-ZN 4.8V 1500mAh Receiver Pack
  Turnigy Ni-ZN (Nickel-Zinc) batteries offer high voltage and excellent cycle life when compared with Ni-CD/Ni-MH batteries. This 3 cell reciever pack produces 4.8V nominal voltage making it perfect for replacing standard 4 cell Ni-CD/Ni-MH receiver packs. This not only saves weight but also space inside your model. The nominal voltage of these Turnigy Ni-ZN cells is 1.6V com..
Rp 150,000.00
Turnigy nano-tech 6000mah 2S2P 65~130C
  More than just a fancy name. TURNIGY nano-tech lithium polymer batteries are built with an LiCo nano-technologysubstrate complex greatly improving power transfer making the oxidation/reduction reaction more efficient, this helps electrons pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance.  In short, less voltage sag and a higher discharge rate than a simila..
Rp 975,000.00
BAT NAL 5000mAh 4S 60C
Rp 900,000.00
Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 2S 35~70C
Spec. Capacity              : 2200mAh Voltage                : 2S1P / 2 Cell / 7.4V Discharge           : 35C Constant / 50C Burst Weight          &n..
Rp 246,810.00
Sanyo Eneloop XX 4pcs AA 2550mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Battery Specifications: AA Size Voltage: 1.2V Capacity: 2550mAh Rechargeable up to 500 times Low Self Discharge: Maintains 75% of the capacity after 1 year No Memory Effect: A Full Charge Every Time Pre-charged for Immediate Use Size: 14.35(D) x 50.4(H) mm Batteries Made in Japan Manufactured by Sanyo ..
Rp 160,000.00
Rp 200,000.00
Gens ace 1300mAh 25C 3S Lipo Battery
- Product Type:lipo battery pack - Capacity: 1300mAh - Voltage: 11.1V - Max Continuous Discharge: 25C (32.5A) - Max Burst Discharge: 50C (65A) - Weight:: 108 g - Dimensions: 72*35 *24mm  - Balance Plug: JST-XHR - Discharge Plug: T-plug - Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max ..
Rp 295,000.00
BATTREY 1300mAh 1S20C
Rp 50,000.00