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O.S. Glow Plug #7 Medium Hot
Features: For 2-stroke airplane, helicopter and car (except Turbo head) engines. Offers stable idling, broad peak needle settings and punchy throttle response ..
Rp 80,000.00
HobbyKing Glow Plug No.6
  HobbyKing glow plugs are an affordable yet quality product manufactured in Taiwan. At this price you can stock up your starter box and never be without a spare plug again! Specifications: Voltage: 1.3~1.5v Heat rating: Cold ..
Rp 75,000.00
Dual Way 320A Brushed ESC Speed Controller for 1/8 & 1/10 R/C Car / Boat
- Compatible with R/C car, truck, buggy, boat - Application: Drive motor - Battery support: 7s~10s Ni-MH batteries (8.4V~12.0V); 2s~3s Lithium batteries (7.4V~11.1V) - Forward current: 320A - Instant peak value: 600A - Backward current: 160A - Brake current: 250A - UBEC output : 5.7V / 1.5A (Supply receivers, servos electricity) - Voltage range: 4.8~8.4V - PWM frequency: 1.5 K..
Rp 350,000.00
Glow Plug No.8 Medium
Instructions: ●Suitable for Medium hot. ●Apply to R/C Helicopter enginesR/C Airplane engines and R/C Car engines. NOTE: After using a while, it may produce some carbon on the surface of the glow plug element and the element become dark brown. This deteriorated glow plug may cause the engine hard to start and running rough. Replace as necessary. Specification: ●O.S. #8 glow pl..
Rp 85,000.00
Hitec HS-635HB - High Torque Metal Gear Servo
Basic Information Modulation: Analog Torque: 4.8V: 69.4 oz-in (5.00 kg-cm) 6.0V: 83.3 oz-in (6.00 kg-cm) Speed: 4.8V: 0.18 sec/60° 6.0V: 0.15 sec/60° Weight: 1.76 oz (50.0 g) Dimensions: Le..
Rp 285,000.00
Hitec HS-5645MG Digital Servo
The digital version of the popular HS-645 is the HS-5645MG, featuring a programmable digital circuit and Hitec's custom MP/metal gear train technology. Perfect for larger airplanes and heli's, the HS-5645MG will deliver higher resolution and torque than its analog brother. Digital programmable servo for 25% - 30% planes. These have programmable digital circuitry. It has higher torque than t..
Rp 380,000.00
Turnigy analog micro servo offering good torque, high speed, excellent centering and a great price! The strong gear train is all metal geared. Specs: Weight: 9g Size: 23.1mmx12.0mmx25.9mm Torque: (4.8v)2 (6.0v) Speed: 0.08 sec/60deg (4.8v)0.07 sec/deg (6.0v) Voltage: 4.8-6.0v Type: Analog Micro Gear Train: Metal Ball Bearing: No Lead Length: 2..
Rp 140,000.00
  XK2850-B-4400KV Brushless Inrunner Specs. # of poles: 4 Max Amps: 75A Max Volt: 7.4V Max Watts: 555W Rpm/V: 4400kv (10.5T) Resistance: 0.0089 ohms No-load Current: 3.2A(7.4V) Dimension: 28.0mm x 54.0mm Mounting hole depth: 5mm Length of extend Shaft: 12mm Shaft diameter: 4mm Weight: 141g ..
Rp 850,000.00
KDS N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo
KDS-N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo     SPECIFICATIONS: ● Output torque: ● Speed: 0.09sec/60(4.8V) @0.07sec/60(6.0V) ● Rating voltage: DC 4.8V-6V  ● Operating temperature: -20℃―+60℃ ● Weight: 11.2g        ● Dimension: 24x12x24mm   ..
Rp 155,000.00
Turnigy TG9e 9g
  THE WORLDS LOWEST COST (RELIABLE) SERVO   The TG9e boasts the same performance as other servo's 10x the price with a .10sec travel time and up to 1.5kg in torque and an ultra narrow dead bandwidth! The TG9e performance is on par with the famous HXT900, however the TG9e isn't as resistant to crashes or over-loading. Please always ensure your control surf..
Rp 55,000.00
Turnigy 5A (8-26v) SBEC
  Turnigy 5A SBEC  is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 5A. It works with 2 - 7 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver and is interference-free.   Specs: Type: Switching Input Protection: Reverse polarity protection Output (Constant): 5v/5A or 6v/5A Input: 8v-26v (2..
Rp 150,000.00
Rp 370,000.00