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If you've been looking for the perfect HD action camera for use in your mutli-rotor, airplane, helicopter or any other R/C model, you've just found it! The Turnigy ActionCam provides the perfect solution for recording awesome aerial video with your model. The Turnigy HD ActionCam has very similar dimensions to the GoPRO Hero 3 camera making it a pefect fit for most brushless camera gimbals..
Rp 3,500,000.00
Turnigy 12v Electric Fuel Pump Nitro/Gas
Turnigy 12v Electric Fuel Pump Suits Nitro and Gasoline Specs. Input: 12v Size: 90mm x 49 x 37mm ..
Rp 265,000.00
XT60 Plug Harness for 2S Hardcase Lippo
XT60 plug Harness for 2S Hardcase Lipo (1pc) Discharge Plug: XT60 Battery Plug: 4mm Bullet Connetor Center Plug:  2mm Bullet Connetor Balance Plug: JST-XH ..
Rp 53,000.00
bsi INSTA-SET ACCELERATOR compatible with plastic & foam ..
Rp 80,000.00
Foxtech M1200 12" monitor
If you are still looking for big screen Monitor for FPV or aerophotography, Foxtech M1200 is your best choice, and doulbe viewing aera more than M700. Designed specially for FPV and outdoor operation purpose. The monitor has bright image(adjustable) and very wide power supply range(9-15V,3s-4s lipo). M1200 also has a very important feature for FPV users, it doesn't have "blue screen" proble..
Rp 3,500,000.00
Turnigy Hand Fuel Pump
Turnigy Hand Fuel Pump ..
Rp 265,000.00
Rp 750,000.00
BSI IC-LOC Green High Strength thin Wicking 10ml
BSI IC-LOC Green High Strength thin Wicking 10ml TREAD LOCKER WICKING ..
Rp 80,000.00
L Display: 5-inch HD screen (800X480pix). L Wireless Receiving: Built-in 2.4G/5.8G wireless receiving module. L Channel Switch: Supports manual & automatic switch between 8 channels. L Antenna: Folding hidden external antenna assures excellent wireless receiving. L Recording: Supports seamless cycle and continuous video from wired/wireless cameras L Photo: Supports function of ..
Rp 2,950,000.00
Turnigy nano-tech 6000mah 2S2P 65~130C
  More than just a fancy name. TURNIGY nano-tech lithium polymer batteries are built with an LiCo nano-technologysubstrate complex greatly improving power transfer making the oxidation/reduction reaction more efficient, this helps electrons pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance.  In short, less voltage sag and a higher discharge rate than a simila..
Rp 975,000.00
22cm ..
Rp 5,000.00
BSI IC-LOC blue loctite medium 10ml
BSI IC-LOC blue loctite medium 10ml   THREAD LOCKER MEDIUM STRENGTH ..
Rp 80,000.00