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Hobbywing 20A Skywalker Quattro 20Ax4 UBEC 4 in 1 20A Brushless ESC This is the world`s first 4in1 20A high performance brushless ESC--Skywalker Quattro 20Ax4-UBEC (abbr:SQ20A4U), this ESC is suitable for multirotor aircraft, and four-motor airplane or four-propeller ship model. Integrated design can not only offer better consistency, but also simplify wiring complexity, so as to improv..
Rp 775,000.00
TowerPro H40A Brushless Speed Controller
Designed specifically for Helicopters. The towerpro H40A might packs all the punch youre going to need, without the expensive packaging! Spec. Amp rating: 40A Burst Rate (15sec): 50A BEC Current: 1.5A Voltage: 7.4-11.1V (2-3 cell Lipo/5-10 NiMH,NiCd) Dimensions: 70x31x11mm Weight: 47g ..
Rp 0.00
  The Turnigy AE series are based on new powerful microprocessor. The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, less battery load and reduced FET heat buildup. Also there is a separate voltage regulator IC for microprocessor providing good anti-jamming capability.  Specification: Output:  Continuous 25A, burst 35A up to 10 seconds. Input Volta..
Rp 250,000.00
DJI Innovations 30 Amp Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC
This is the DJI Innovations 30 Amp Replacement Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC. This is a replacement for the DJI Flame Wheel F450 Quadcopter and F550 Hexacopter. Specifications: Current: 30A OPTO Signal Frequency: 30Hz ~ 450Hz Battery: 3S ~ 4S LiPo ..
Rp 425,000.00
TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller
  Plush 40A Brushless Speed Controller The Plush series ESC are a very good quality controller. They have a broad range of programming features and a smooth throttle response compared to other BESCs in the same price range. This BESC can handle 3A continuous current which is great for larger planes with bigger servos. Cont Current: 40A Burst Current: 55A BEC Mode: Linear ..
Rp 435,000.00
urnigy® TRUST SBEC ESC's have a very flexible and broadly capable MCU, able to run all types of brushless motors.The large heatsink and simple PCB layout make heat dissapation consistant, enabling the ESC to be run at it's limit, without failure. The ESC is program-card and transmitter programmable with clear and easy to understand instructions included. Default factory settin..
Rp 460,000.00
Specs: Constant Current: 10A Burst Current: 12A Battery: 2-3S Lipoly / 5-8s NiXX BEC: 5v / 1A Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Size: 26x5x18mm Weight: 8g Programming Functions: Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX Brake: On / Off Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power Timing: Low / Mid / High Startup: Fast / Normal / S..
Rp 140,000.00
HobbyKing Red Brick 50A ESC - (Heli Mode)
  The HobbyKing Red Brick ESCs wont win first place for style, though they will take top points for simplicity and reliability. With a basic set of programming features these ESCs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a basic yet robust speed controller. The Red Brick ESC has been engineered with heat dissipation in mind. featuring an over sized Aluminium heat sink for the ..
Rp 475,000.00
  Turnigy 5A SBEC  is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 5A. It works with 2 - 10 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver and interference-free.   Spec. Type: Switching Input protection: Reverse polarity protection Output (Constant): 5v/5A or 6v/5A Input: 8v-40v (2-10cell lipo) ..
Rp 175,000.00
HobbyKing 6A ESC 0.5A UBEC
Specs: Constant Current: 6A Burst Current: 8A Battery: 2-3S Lipoly / 5-8s NiXX BEC: 5v / 0.5A Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Size: 22x6x13mm Weight: 6g ..
Rp 200,000.00
TowerPro w18A Brushless Speed Controller
Amp rating: 18A (max 20A burst) FETs: 12 BEC Current: 1.5A Timing: Auto Freq: 8khz Lipo: 3 cell lipo NiMH: 6~16 Weight: 19.5g (22 with wires) This is an excellent and cheap besc. This besc has all the basic features that most bescs have, at half the price! You wont beat an ESC at this price with these features! ..
Rp 265,000.00
  Aeolian 40A Brushless Motor Speed Controller ESC BEC COLOR  :  BLUE ..
Rp 475,000.00