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Futaba GY401 Gyro
FUTABA GY401 GYRO SPECIFICATIONS Type: Micro Heading Hold Gyro Sensor: SSM AVCS Weight: 27 grams (0.95 oz) Dimensions (WxLxH): 27 x 27 x 20mm Gain Setting: Remote Only Mode Setting: Rate or Heading Hold – Remote Only Operating Voltage: 4.8 VDC (Needs a voltage regulator (6 VDC) if using higher than 4.8v battery packs) Reversing Switch: Yes, on gyro Limit Tri..
Rp 650,000.00
FC40 Camera Image Sensor: HD 720p/30fps Lens: Aperture F2.2 FOV: 100 Degree Wide Angle Focal Range: 25cm-infinity Wireless: IEEE 802.11 b/g Compliance Wireless Mode: Direct Mode Mobile Wi-Fi Video Size: WQVGA Battery: Built-in 700 mAh Li-on Battery ..
Rp 1,450,000.00
  Forget about using repurposed security camera equipment, the new Boscam TR1 is the next step in purpose built FPV gear. The TR1 houses a HD camera with HD recording as well as a 200mw video transmitter in one small easy to mount package.  The camera records at HD quality 1440x1080 30fps, while simultaneously transmitting a low latency FPV 5.8GHz video stream. This small, tid..
Rp 1,510,000.00
DJI Phantom 3 Lens Cap(transparent & Black)
DJI Phantom 3 Series Camera Lens Cap – Clear & Black                                                                                               ..
Rp 50,000.00
Syma X8w X8g X8 Upgraded Landing Gear
Syma X8W X8G X8 Upgraded Tall Extended Landing Gear spesifikasi * 53mm Taller than original Landing Gear * weight : 68 g * Color : white * Material : ABS Kelengkapan : 2 x Syma X8W Tall Extended Landing Gear Screws & 3M Foam ..
Rp 75,000.00
  Designed in house by the HobbyKing Enginerds, this handy power distribution board has the same foot print as our Multri-rotor control boards and is the ultimate solution for tidy power distribution wiring. Simply use 3.5mm male connectors on your ESCs and plug a battery in. The PCB is Gold plated for optimality efficiency and also features a bling port (aka 2 pin JST size auxiliary p..
Rp 105,000.00
3K Carbon Dual Battery
3K Carbon Dual Battery Mounting Base for DJI Phantom Material: 3K carbon fibre, 2mm thick. Weight: 15g (including screws) Suitable battery type: 3S 2200mAh ..
Rp 185,000.00
The HobbyKing Red Brick ESCs wont win first place for style, though they will take top points for simplicity and reliability. With a basic set of programming features these ESCs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a basic yet robust speed controller. Specs. Max Amps: 10A Ubec: 5v / 1A Cells: 2~3s Lipoly Size: 38mm x 7mm 18mm Weight: 7.3g (Inc Wires) ..
Rp 150,000.00
DJI 2312A Motor (CW)
Operating voltage of 14.8 V, KV of 800 rpm/V, and maximum thrust of 850 g. Compatible with the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced. Cannot be used with 2313 motors, 2312 ESC, or MC. ..
Rp 270,000.00
Rp 40,000.00
If you are still looking for the mini ideal Monitor for FPV or aerophotography, Foxtech M500 is your best choice, even it can be mounted on the Radio controller. Designed specially for FPV  and outdoor operation purpose. The monitor has very bright image(adjustable) and very wide power supply range(7-12V). M500 also has a very important feature for FPV users, it doesn't have "blue scre..
Rp 1,625,000.00
Product Highlights 4480mAh Lithium-Polymer Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time Integrated Power Management Slot-In Design Four LEDs Show Remaining Capacity Specifically for Phantom 3 ..
Rp 2,090,000.00