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The HobbyKing Red Brick ESCs wont win first place for style, though they will take top points for simplicity and reliability. With a basic set of programming features these ESCs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a basic yet robust speed controller. Specs. Max Amps: 10A Ubec: 5v / 1A Cells: 2~3s Lipoly Size: 38mm x 7mm 18mm Weight: 7.3g (Inc Wires) ..
Rp 150,000.00
DJI 2312A Motor (CW)
Operating voltage of 14.8 V, KV of 800 rpm/V, and maximum thrust of 850 g. Compatible with the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced. Cannot be used with 2313 motors, 2312 ESC, or MC. ..
Rp 270,000.00
Rp 40,000.00
If you are still looking for the mini ideal Monitor for FPV or aerophotography, Foxtech M500 is your best choice, even it can be mounted on the Radio controller. Designed specially for FPV  and outdoor operation purpose. The monitor has very bright image(adjustable) and very wide power supply range(7-12V). M500 also has a very important feature for FPV users, it doesn't have "blue scre..
Rp 1,625,000.00
Product Highlights 4480mAh Lithium-Polymer Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time Integrated Power Management Slot-In Design Four LEDs Show Remaining Capacity Specifically for Phantom 3 ..
Rp 2,090,000.00
Phantom 4 - 9450S Propellers
Compatible with Phantom 4 Only. One pair of propellers: 1 clockwise and 1 counter-clockwise propeller. Basics: each propeller weights 11g, diameter and screw pitch is 24×12.7cm. ..
Rp 150,000.00
RC Talon Quadcopter Turnigy (V2.0)
The Turnigy Talon V2 Quadcopter frame is a crafted from high quality genuine carbon fiber offering both great looks and performance. Our engineers set out to create a Quadcopter frame without compromise, several materials were tested and rejected until they decided that only genuine carbon fiber would meet the goals we had set out to achieve. Every component was weighed and measured shaving mer..
Rp 950,000.00
DJI Multi-Rotor Replacement Brushless Motor
This is a replacement DJI Innovations Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor. This motor is compatible with all DJI Flame Wheel multi-rotor helicopters.  Specifications: Stator Size: 22x12mm kV: 920 rpm/V ..
Rp 350,000.00
Length: 5.0 inch Pitch: 3.0 Center Pore Diameter: 5 1.100% Carbon Fiber 2. Excellent product to motor 3. Good for fast shipping 5030 Carbon Fiber Propeller Props CW/CCW x 2   ..
Rp 155,000.00
Gimbal Guard for Phantom 3(Carbon Fiber)
Melindungi Gimbal dan Camera Phantom 3 anda pada saat Landing / Crash. Menambah stabilitas Aircraft Phantom 3 anda pada saat Take-off dan Landing. Berfungsi sebagai handle ditangan agar Phantom 3 anda dapat ditenteng dengan mudah sambil berjalan. Tidak mengurangi Flying-time dikarenakan bahan Carbon Fiber. Hanya 10g ringannya. ..
Rp 175,000.00
DJI PHANTOM 4 Propeller Guard
Protect your propellers from damage during collisions. Tough and highly reliable, this set includes four pieces of Phantom 4 Propeller Guards. Fully compatible with the Phantom 4. ..
Rp 208,000.00
Turnigy TG9e 9g
  THE WORLDS LOWEST COST (RELIABLE) SERVO   The TG9e boasts the same performance as other servo's 10x the price with a .10sec travel time and up to 1.5kg in torque and an ultra narrow dead bandwidth! The TG9e performance is on par with the famous HXT900, however the TG9e isn't as resistant to crashes or over-loading. Please always ensure your control surf..
Rp 55,000.00