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New Version which they now come with self tightening propellers and Naza V2 Controller. 
DJI Phantom Quadcopter -Now IN Stock.. This will include Ready to Fly DJI Phantom, 2.4Ghz Radio , Built in Naza and Naza Gps / Compass Module. 
Lipo Battery and Lipo Charger and Gopro Camera Mount (fixed position)

We were the first UK company to be entrusted with the DJI Phantom to test fly and to relay our feedback to DJI Innovations.
See our DJI Phantom Test Flight Video below.

Our Phantoms are not shipped by slow boat which can take months and could well be contaminated by salty moisture which can possibly lead to potential failure.  We take pride in our customers and paying extra shipping to ensure the customer receives the latest version and without potential problems is important to us. Latest version is now v1.2.1 

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is DJI’s first small size Ready-to-Fly VTOL, integrated
multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming.  330mm size similar to the DJI F330 in size but encased in a lovely shell . 
It not only has an attractive 
appearance, but also has a built-in Naza-M + GPS multi-rotor autopilot
system giving a stable and reliable flight characteristic this is already a established flight controller in the quadcopter market place. The Phantom Quadcopter also comes with its own dedicated R/C controller 2.4ghz .
Flight parameters and functions have
been setup and tuned by DJI engineers at the factory before delivery, so you can fly your
DJI Phantom the moment you receive it "just charge the supplied lipo and go and fly" .
Everything in the DJI Phantom is pre installed so no more guessing on the best motor - esc combo etc this as already been done for you at the factory by the DJI Innovations Engineers . 
It is so easy to operate and stable, this
 makes aerial filming a breeze.

The compact design makes it easier for you to carry it into your backpack
every time you go off on a trip. Moreover, you can mount a GoPro or other
light and handy cameras on your Phantom to shoot some footage from the air
which will bring you a brand new travel experience.

Main Features of the DJI Phantom Ready to Fly Quadcopter
Fitted with the DJI Naza Flight Controller with built in gyros and barometric sensor.
 - Also included is the DJI Naza Gps and Compass Module
 - All in One Design Ready to Fly 
 - Power monitoring Unit with 2 level voltage protection
 - Accurate Position and Altitude Hold (Built in Gps and Barometric Sensors)
 - Highly Accurate Feel when flying 
 - Intelligent Motor Arming for Safety 
 - Multiple Flight Modes - Manual , Atti and Gps Atti
 - Intelligent Orientation Control enabled via 3 way switch .. Course Lock and Home Lock (IOC)
Requires Enabling in Assistant software. 
 - Enhanced Failsafe Protection with go home and landing feature
 - Included Gopro Camera Mount with quick release screw mounting (Camera not included)
 - High Intensity Led Lighting automatically comes on when motors are armed
 - Led Module to display flight mode and lipo status fitted
 - Contains Remote control , completely ready to fly .. (Just add 4 x AA batteries to TX)
 - Frame Size of the DJI Phantom 330mm Approx
 - Stable Flight Characteristics but with agile performance

Quadcopters Uk was the 1st Uk dealer to have been testing the DJI Phantom extensively for the last few days and we cannot put this thing down . 
It flies great , Looks great and comes with everything you need to get in the air . 
We were privaleged to be asked to test the DJI Phantom Quadcopter for the Uk market, and give our expert feedback on this which was very positive.
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